3. Training approach – theory

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The participatory training approach used in Zambia builds on decades of research and learning from experience.

There are many programmes around the world that train teachers about inclusive education. The results and evaluations from such programmes have provided useful lessons that the Zambia programme has learned from.

In this section you will find out what makes this approach different from other training programmes.

“Research shows that although a preponderance of simplistic cascade training programmes are the norm in NGO portfolios for teacher education for inclusion, they cannot be shown to improve the performance of educators. For example these programmes fail to recognise the importance of experience and skills – and crucially of attitudes and values.”

See Lewis, I. et al. 2019. ‘Time to stop polishing the brass on the Titanic: Moving beyond ‘quick and dirty’ teacher education for inclusion, towards sustainable theories for change’. International Journal of Inclusive Education, 23:7-8, 722-739

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