Activity: What do inclusion barriers look like?

Sometimes, barriers to inclusion seem visually obvious (like steep steps preventing a learner with disability accessing a classroom). Other times, barriers are not so easy to identify. When we look at a situation, we may see some barriers and our colleagues may notice other barriers.

Your task

This activity is an opportunity to see what barriers – and solutions to barriers – you can identify. You will see 8 photographs. Most of them were taken by learners and teachers who wanted to show what they think inclusion looks like – or doesn’t look like.

Look carefully at each photo. Make notes about:

  • Do you think the photographer was intending to show education that is inclusive or not inclusive?
  • What barriers, if any, are shown in the photo? (Remember to consider all 5 types of barriers.)
  • What solutions to barriers, if any, are shown in the photo?
  • What other solutions could you suggest?
  • Write notes under each photo.


When we ask learners or teachers to take pictures of their experiences of inclusion and exclusion, we often find out things that we did not expect. But there are no right or wrong answers when we are interpreting their photographs, so this is not a test!

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