Activity: Opportunities for working with pre-service training in my country Copy

Read and think about each question. If possible, discuss with colleagues (e.g. via phone or internet).

There are no right or wrong answers.

You may want to answer some questions now, and return later to answer other questions, after you have had conversations with other tour participants, your tour buddy, the tour facilitators, or your colleagues.

The questions are:

  1. What do I already know about the status of inclusive education within pre-service teacher training in my country?
  2. What don’t I know and how could I find out more information?
  3. What connections do I or my organisation or my colleagues already have with pre-service training institutions or staff?
  4. How could I / my colleagues build new connections or strengthen existing connections with pre-service training institutions and staff?
  5. What examples of experience do I / my colleagues have of working with pre-service training institutions? How will that experience help us to make strong connections between the TOFI programme in-service teacher training and pre-service training?
  6. What challenges might we face when trying to link the in-service training with pre-service training? Who could be overcome these problems?

You can download a Word file with the 6 questions here. You can use this Word file to answer the questions and submit / upload it in the next step.

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