Activity: Read and reflect Copy

You can do this activity at any point during the tour, or at the end of the tour. Don’t skip it though, otherwise your tour will be marked incomplete and you won’t get your certificate!

Your task

  1. Read at least one of the following two documents:

    EENET/NAD briefing paper (May 2019) ‘Innovation in Inclusive Education Teacher Training: sharing our experiences’.

    Lewis, I. et al. 2019. ‘Time to stop polishing the brass on the Titanic: Moving beyond ‘quick and dirty’ teacher education for inclusion, towards sustainable theories for change’. International Journal of Inclusive Education, 23:7-8, 722-73

  1. Choose 3 points from the information provided in the document(s) that really stand out for you. For instance, these could be points that you think are very important, or that you think are very memorable, or that you had not previously considered.

  1. Think about these 3 points in relation to your own context and/or your own experience.

  1. Write about or present your reflections. You could:

    – Write a short article (maximum 500 words), or
    – Prepare some PowerPoint slides, or
    – Record a verbal presentation (2-3 minutes).

5. Click the ‘Start activity’ button when you are ready to upload your document or audio file.

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