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School of Education, University of Zambia

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The School of Education is one of the 13 schools of the University of Zambia (UNZA). Currently, the School of Education is the largest in the University with nine academic departments:

  • Primary Education;
  • Adult Education and Extension Studies;
  • Educational Administration and Policy Studies (EAPS);
  • Educational Psychology, Sociology and Special Education (EPSSE);
  • Language and Social Sciences Education (LSSE);
  • Mathematics and Science Education (MSE);
  • Library and Information Studies;
  • Religious Studies;
  • Dean’s Office.

The School of Education was opened in April 1966 with 42 graduates. In 1968, its first buildings were completed at the western end of the Main University Campus in Lusaka. In 1974, a second phase of building resulted in the creation of New Education Building and, in 1981, the third phase (the ‘Bridge Building’) was completed.

The School of Education offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. B Ed (primary) Degree, BA Ed degree and BA and BSc (secondary) degrees. There are about 20 undergraduate programmes and about 38 postgraduate programmes offered by the School of Education.

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