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Victoria Falls University

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Victoria Falls University of Technology (VFU) is located on Nakatindi Road in Livingstone, Southern Province. VFU is a private university, and its student catchment area is mainly from Southern Province.

The School of Education offers Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science, and Master of Education, either as full-time or part-time distance learning courses.

Presently 196 full-time students (76 male and 120 female) and 65 part-time students (34 male and 31 female) are enrolled at VFU’s Nakatindi Road campus. The university has responded to Government’s policy to increase university education in the country and to promote inclusion by ensuring that all students take a compulsory inclusive education course in their first year. In addition, VFU collaborates with the community to identify students who need additional help and ensures that the programmes are flexible to accommodate everyone.

The photos below show what the university looks like:

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