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Policy context

The inclusive teacher training programme is, of course, situated within a national and international policy context.

In the next video clip, Alick from NAD Zambia reminds us of some elements of the international and national policy context.

You can read a transcript of what Alick says.

Opportunities and partnerships

The participatory teacher training programme has experienced success for many reasons. For example, there were clear opportunities in the national context that NAD Zambia made strategic use of; and efforts were made to select and secure strategic partnerships.

Watch the next video to find out a bit more about these opportunities and partnerships.

Planning for sustainability

The role of national Ministry of General Education and of local education departments and officials has been vital for the success and sustainability of the inclusive education teacher training programme. It has not just been a short-term, stand-alone NGO project, but instead was been planned from the start to be integral to the government systems.

Watch the next video. Samson is a District Education Board Secretary and an Observer in the training programme. He explains the systemic changes that the training approach promotes, the role of community engagement, and the desire for the pilot school experiences to be replicated across all schools.

You can read a transcript of what Samson says.

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