11.4 Step 4: The training process Copy

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Reminder: You learned in Section 5 about the process of training trainers and then training teachers. Section 6 showed you about the active learning methodology used in the training process.

In Zambia, step 4 – the training process – has taken about four years. It has taken longer here because many of the training modules were being developed from scratch by the EENET consultant and Principal Trainers.

Now that the modules have all been written and tested, the process of learning about them and revising them to suit another context should be quicker. For instance, in your context it may be possible to complete the training process in 2-3 years. However, that will depend on the opportunities and regulations in each context which will determine how much training the trainers and teachers can complete each year.

Next is an activity to help you decide what the training timeline in your context might be.

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