11.5 Step 5: Develop School Inclusion Teams Copy

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Reminder: In Section 7 you learned about the SITs which are a very important component of the teacher training approach used in Zambia because they help to embed inclusive education into the education system.

SITs are very important in the process of bringing about whole-school change for inclusion. The way the training modules have been structured ensures that teachers start to learn about SITs early on in the training process (usually in the second module of training). So although SITs are labelled as step 5, in fact teachers and schools start to work on developing their SITs while step 4 is ongoing.

In Zambia, teachers, school communities, education officials, etc, have welcomed the idea of SITs. In some contexts there may already be similar teams in schools. Or there may be teams that have different roles (such as school management committees or parent-teacher associations) that could contribute to the development of a SIT.

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