11.6 Step 6: Work with pre-service

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Reminder: In Section 9 you explored the way the Zambia programme has worked to ensure pre-service training is closely connected to the in-service training.

Step 6 in Zambia has been running alongside the previous steps. It has involved two main elements:

  • Working with pre-service teacher training institutions to enable them to engage in developing and using the training modules;
  • Working with the government to get the modules approved and embedded into all teacher education.

Watch the next video. Lillian and Nachi, Principal Trainers who are lecturers from UNZA, share some more thoughts on how the inclusive education training is being, and can be further, expanded at pre-service level. They tell us about how they have informed their colleagues about inclusive education, about the need for lecturers in other schools/departments to receive the training, and bout the importance of fully embedding inclusive education in to teacher training well beyond the current cadre of Principal Trainers.

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