11.7 Step 7: Expand in-service training Copy

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In Zambia, our current step focuses on supporting ways for the in-service training to be rolled out well beyond the six pilot schools.

For instance, Principal Trainers are supporting clusters of schools to receive training. These are schools that are clustered around the pilot schools, that share the same zonal resource centre, etc.

They are also getting involved in training and mentoring MoGE’s national level trainers, so that training can expand to other parts of Zambia.

These ideas for scaling up and sustaining the training were thought about early in the programme. We have been working for several years on developing the ideas and building the relationships needed for scaling up the training. This is very important. Efforts to sustain and expand a programme need to start from day one, not in the last year of the programme funding.

Next is an activity to help you think about how you could embed efforts to scale up and sustain the training from the start of your programme.

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