3.2. Read more about the theory Copy

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The materials listed below will help you learn more about how the participatory teacher training programme works and the theory behind it.

You do not need to read these materials now. You can download them and refer to them as you move through the next few sections of the virtual study tour.

EENET/NAD briefing paper (May 2019) ‘Innovation in Inclusive Education Teacher Training: sharing our experiences’.

This document answers a range of frequently asked questions about the main characteristics of the approach as well as practical matters such as the time and cost implications.

Lewis, I. et al. 2019. ‘Time to stop polishing the brass on the Titanic: Moving beyond ‘quick and dirty’ teacher education for inclusion, towards sustainable theories for change’. International Journal of Inclusive Education, 23:7-8, 722-739

This article explores in detail the theory, research and experience that have led to the Zambia programme’s design.

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