4.1 What do Principal Trainers do? Copy

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Watch this very short video which summarises the role of the Principal Trainer.

Here is what Principal Trainers do:

Attend training-of-trainers (ToT) workshops
In Zambia there has usually been 2 or 3 workshops each year. The ToT process gives Principal Trainers the skills and confidence to help build capacity within mainstream schools.

Facilitate in-service training
Principal trainers work in pairs or small groups to facilitate in-service (INSET) training for teachers in schools.

Improve the training modules
Principal Trainers actively contribute their ideas and experiences to help localise and improve the training modules. The trainers in Zambia have been very active at suggesting different training activities, case studies, etc.

Commit long term
Principal Trainers are committed to attending all the ToT workshops, providing input to the local development of the modules, and delivering all the training in schools.

Help change pre-service training
Any Principal Trainers who work in teacher training institutions as their main job help to develop, revise and use the training at pre-service level.

Principal Trainers support far-reaching changes

The training programme goes way beyond simply delivering a few workshops. Principal Trainers often go on a life-changing journey during the trainings – fundamentally changing their own attitudes and practices, as well as supporting change in schools, among teachers and in the community.

Watch the next video. Silvia explains the changes in her own attitudes and practices as a teacher trainer, and Patrick highlights the range of barriers that the training has helped schools to overcome.

You can read a transcript of what Silvia and Patrick say.

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