12. Evaluation

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In Section 11 you were encouraged to reflect on various aspects of the teacher training approach as implemented by the Zambian programme. You also started to plan how to use that information to help you play your programmes in your own settings.

We hope that the virtual study tour has been useful for both enhancing your understanding of the approach and helping you to start your own planning.

We would now love to get your feedback on how helpful you think the virtual study tour was. It is important for us to know, so that we can improve the tour for other visitors in future.

Look at your journal: At the start of the tour we asked you to keep a reflective journal. Spend some time now looking at any reflections you have written in the journal, and any other notes you have taken.

Fill in the evaluation form:

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Thank you so much for your participation. We hope you enjoyed your virtual visit to the Zambia programme. We enjoyed hosting you and look forward to ongoing conversations as you adapt and use the approach in your own settings. 

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