Activity: Investigate programme management issues further Copy

Read the report from the learning review of the NAD-supported inclusive education teacher training pilot programme in Zambia.

Focus in particular on Part B of the findings (sections 4.6 – 4.10). This part of the report looks at findings relating to programme management.

Think about any points that are unclear or where you want more information in order to understand better. Think about any points that could be relevant to your context. It might be useful to learn more from the Zambian experience to help your own work.

Write 3 questions that you want to ask your Zambian buddy or NAD Zambia or EENET. These questions will help you dig deeper into the findings about programme management.

Write your questions in the boxes below.

You can ask these questions via WhatsApp chats, or during one of the group Zoom meetings. You can also email NAD Zambia and EENET any time with questions.

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