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NAD Zambia is funded and managed by NAD in Oslo. NAD Zambia has offices in Lusaka and Livingstone.

NAD office in Lusaka

NAD office in Livingstone

Meet the team

The key staff in NAD Zambia who have been involved in the teacher training programme are:

Alick of NAD

Alick Nyirenda – Senior Adviser of Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR)/Community-Based Inclusive Development (CBID) Zambia Support Programme.

Alick supports government ministries and Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs) to develop and implement programmes that mainstream CBR/CBID strategy into planning, coordination and evaluation of national, government-led interventions. For 10 years he has helped government staff in Education, Health, and Social Welfare and Community Development to implement CBR programmes. Alick enjoys field visits in village settings, meeting local chiefs, volunteers, parents and children with disabilities. He has made many friends, always looking forward to a bright new day, to do more work in CBR. Meetings with senior government officers inspire him as a key policy informant in CBR.

Photo of Caroline Hamankolo Cheelo

Caroline Hamankolo Cheelo – Head of Programmes and Administration – the ‘Team leader’.

Caroline’s ensures government ownership of the CBID, inclusive education and DPO work that NAD supports in Zambia, and ensures the smooth running of the programme overall. She is responsible for timely implementation of programme activities and plans, quality programme and financial planning, coordination, implementation, and monitoring. She is responsible for overall administration and the day-to-day supervision and follow-up of all NAD Zambia staff and consultants. Caroline loves her job because it gives her an opportunity to make a positive difference towards an inclusive society.

Eddie Mupotola – Programme Assistant

Eddie helps organise and facilitate workshops, trainings and capacity-building initiatives, monitor and backstop community groups or actions, document CBID and inclusive education work, supervise volunteers/interns and represent the organisation in relevant meetings. Eddie loves his job because to him development work is a calling, he is fulfilled when he sees that women, men and children especially those with disabilities, have access to essential goods and services and also when he sees a child with a disability accessing education on an equal basis with others.

Beverly Thole – researcher and activist specialising in Sustainable Inclusive Development.

As an intern and volunteer at NAD CBR/CBID Beverly works closely with management to provide logistical and technical support for trainings and field visits. She collects field and activity reports, helps organise workshops, trainings and meetings and other programme activities. Beverly gets materials for trainings and workshops in place, helps prepare the schools for in-service trainings, prepares narrative reports. She enjoys the exposure and experience that she has acquired, the ability to interact with different communities and stakeholders to ensure that no one is left behind in issues of disability and sustainable development. Most importantly she enjoys the whole process during an activity from planning and implementing to monitoring to reporting.

Chipo Mwansa Chola – intern and volunteer.

Chipo has several roles: community awareness-raising about disability equal rights, reporting on CBID trainings and any issues arising, managing the collection of materials and co-creating resources during CBID field work (e.g. papier mâché resources), and providing technical support during workshops and trainings. What Chipo loves about her job is working with different stakeholders and the community to promote the inclusion of every person living with a disability.

Precious Moonga – Paralegal Officer and CBR intern.

Precious provides legal information, orientation, referrals, accompaniment, mediation and acts as the CBR focal point for disability rights, working hand-in-hand with Disability Rights Watch (DRW) NGO, Livingstone. She loves that her job allows her not only to interact with her workmates but also with different people from all over the communities visited during field tips. She has visited places that she had never been to before. This has made her work easy because relationships have been created with clients, and this helps when they visit the NAD-Zambia office.

Tina Chisunga Katoto – Finance Officer

Tina manages NAD-Zambia’s accounts and assists with logistics. She is responsible for carrying out the day-to-day accounting services for the NAD-Zambia Support Programme, prepares financial budgets and reports. She assists external auditors during audits and contributes to training of local partner organisations in financial matters. During inclusive education trainings at the pilot schools she assists with the logistics. What Tina enjoys most in her job is the practical part of it in terms of doing the financial reporting and daily routines of raising payments.

Liswaniso Mwanalushi – photographer and cameraman.

Liswaniso takes photographs, films trainings and other CBR/CBID events and writes reports. Being part of the inclusive education programme, he has learned that it is possible for everyone to be educated regardless of their status in society. Knowing that his country’s development programme has put inclusion at the core of everything, he is able to participate in many community development programmes. What he enjoys most about documenting the inclusive education programme for NAD-Zambia is bringing out the story of what is being taught and experienced through pictures. He says: “I feel very proud when people look at my pictures and videos and commend me for bringing out the story through the camera lens.”

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