2.2. Learners’ views on inclusive education Copy

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Here you will find out a bit about what learners think of inclusive education. We had hoped to show you a video of Zambian learners talking about inclusion, but the Covid-19 pandemic means school have been closed and filming of learners is not possible. We hope instead you enjoy watching Tanzanian and Ugandan learners in a film we made a few years ago.

Young Voices film

‘Young Voices: Young people’s views of inclusive education’ features young learners saying what inclusion means to them. The views of learners and stakeholders can help us understand and design more appropriate inclusive solutions, and can help us advocate more effectively for inclusive education.

The film was made by Atlas Alliance in three inclusive mainstream schools in Tanzania and Uganda. Two of the schools, Rock High School and Bigwa College, have residential facilities because not all students can travel every day, but they are not special schools.

The video lasts 13:22 minutes.

Your task

  • Watch and listen to the film and make notes of:
    1. Key points mentioned by learners;
    2. Anything that feels especially important or meaningful to you;
    3. Any strategies you notice that have helped these learners express their opinions about education.

You can read the transcript of this video in English and Luganda.

When you have finished watching and making notes, compare your reflections with notes taken by the tour facilitators.

Then do the following case studies activity.

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