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The Zambia programme started with 6 pilot schools. SITs have developed and are active in all 6 schools.

Through the SITs there has been collective responsibility. Parents, volunteers, teachers and other community members are becoming actively involved in getting children into schools, and trying to improve their participation once in school.

The SITs are also reaching out to homes. In some cases where inclusion in mainstream school remains very difficult, they are helping to ‘take school to the child’.

The SITs are also developing as resources that can help inform and support neighbouring schools and teachers.

The 6 pilot schools have enrolled at least 205 learners with disabilities (104 girls and 101 boys). The SITs have contributed to this achievement.

These photos show some of the activities and achievements of the SITs so far. Remember these SITs are still quite new. The photos show their efforts to address environmental barriers, but they have also worked a lot on attitude barriers.

Watch the next video. Three staff from inclusive schools in Zambia explain how people from the local area contribute to the SITs in their schools.

You can read a transcript of what they say.

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