9.2 Evidence of change in Zambia

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Many Principal Trainers are already using/testing the inclusive education modules in their own teacher training institutions, with the aim of adapting them to suit pre-service rather than in-service training needs.

14 teacher training colleges and six universities have already introduced inclusive education into the curriculum within their School of Education departments. Most of these are new courses, while the rest have integrated the issue into other teacher training subjects.

Some teacher training colleges have taken the strategic step of getting their new inclusive education courses accredited jointly with universities.

It is expected that all 11 training modules will be integrated into the teacher training curriculum between 2020 and 2024. The modules have been approved by the MoGE Curriculum Development Centre.

Watch the next video. Aubrey and Cotildah are Principal Trainers in the Zambia teacher training programme. They are based at Charles Lwanga College of Education. In the video they explain how working on the NAD-supported in-service training programme has encouraged and enabled them to introduce inclusive education into pre-service training. They also tell us about the impact of inclusive education training on the way their student teachers work during their practise periods in schools.

You can read a transcript of what Aubrey and Cotildah say.

Here’s another video clip – Olive, a Principal Trainer, explains what Victoria Falls University is doing to embrace inclusive education.

You can read a transcript of what Olive says.

In the next video, Lillian and Nachi from UNZA talk about their experience of using their Principal Trainer experiences to influence changes in pre-service training.

Next is an activity that will help you think about opportunities in your country to connect the inclusive education in-service teacher training with pre-service training.

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