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Welcome to the virtual study tour!

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Norwegian Association of Disabled (NAD) Zambia and Enabling Education Network (EENET) welcome you to this virtual study tour of our partnership work with schools, teacher training colleges and communities.

The tour will support your work to develop effective inclusive education teacher training programmes in your country. 

You will access reading materials, interactive learning activities, photo, film and audio content, and case studies that explain and illustrate how the participatory teacher training programme in Zambia promotes the inclusion of all learners in schools.

During each section of the tour there will be opportunities for you to participate in quizzes and learning activities. You are encouraged to use the tour WhatsApp group to chat with others about issues raised in the tour. You will also be invited to join an online discussions during which you can ask questions, share concerns and reflect on what you have learned.

Whatever your professional role, please engage with every aspect of the tour.

Overview of the tour

At the bottom of this page are links to the 12 sections of the tour. Here is what each section contains:

1. Introduction to the tour: explains the tour aims and introduces the NAD Zambia team, tour facilitators, some programme settings, and Zambian buddies who will assist you during the tour..

2. Inclusive education awareness: makes sure you have a good understanding of the key concepts underpinning the approach to inclusive education used in the Zambia programme.

3. Training approach – theory: provides information about what makes the approach used in Zambia different from other teacher training programmes.

4. Training approach – principal trainers: provides information about selecting, training and supporting the teams of trainers.

5. Training approach – training workshops: highlights and explains key principles for training and gives you access to the training modules.

6. Training approach – active learning: introduces active learning approaches used throughout the teacher training programme.

7. Embedding inclusion – School Inclusion Teams: explains the role these teams play in developing inclusive education. It is one of three sections explaining how the training approach helps to embed inclusion across the education system.

8. Embedding inclusion – observers: explains how observers monitor and motivate inclusive education.

9. Embedding inclusion – pre-service training: explains how the Zambia programme connects up in-service with pre-service training.

10. Programme planning and management: shares key lessons learned from running the programme in Zambia.

11. The Zambian timeline: summarises the main steps taken in Zambia from the start of the pilot phase.

12. Evaluation: your opportunity to give feedback on the virtual study tour.

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