4.2. Selecting Principal Trainers

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The participatory training approach has been successful in Zambia because the Principal Trainers have been very committed and competent. That is why it is so important to choose the right people to become Principal Trainers.

In Zambia, Principal Trainers were selected from among stakeholders who:

  • already have some relevant inclusive education interest, experience and skills;
  • already have some responsibility for training, advising or managing teachers; and/or
  • have some role or influence in changing pre-service training for teachers.

This means that Principal Trainers can embed inclusive education training responsibilities into their existing job descriptions and workplans.

Listen to Duncan explain who to look for when selecting Principal Trainers.

You can read a transcript of what Duncan says.

Duncan mentioned in the previous clip that you need to choose Principal Trainers who specialise in educating teachers about teaching methodology (pedagogy). This is a very important consideration.

Watch and listen to the next clip. Duncan explains a bit more about why you should choose trainers who have expertise in pedagogy, because they are the ones who, ultimately, will help us change the whole teacher education curriculum to ensure inclusive education is embedded

You can read a transcript of what Duncan says.

How to find Principal Trainers

Listen to Duncan explain how you can start to find suitable people to become Principal Trainers by ‘tapping into your existing contacts’.

You can read a transcript of what Duncan says.

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